Why Uruguias

Uruguias is the result of a proyect created by Jorge Alegre that  pretends to offer new experiences to the tourists that visit Uruguay, specially involing the culture and the traditions.  Working with Brun Turismo S.R.L. in an honest and professional way reach the second place in the category Tours and activities in Montevideo,  so we are very proud of what we did and we have a lot of motivation for the future as we want  to improve even more.

Our differences with other agencies.

Personal atenttion before, during and after the trip. We are very professional but we try to keep the uruguayan style always because we want you to trasmit the way we live in this country.

Our objectives:

We created Uruguias to show the tourist the beauties of this small and lovely country and also to share with them the way we live here. We work with the traditional tours and also with some different ones, so you have plenty of options acording with your interests.


Our mision is to offer incoming services with high quality and unforgettable experiences in Uruguay.


We want to be recognized as an incoming travel agency that offers excellent options for the tourist that visit Uruguay and to be the preferred incoming travel agencyin the country

•Personal attention
•Good faith and mutual trust.
•Professional standards